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Last night the first of Blanca’s heavy swollen buds bloomed gloriously under a clear night sky, stars sprinkled above. Perhaps in honor of Kevin’s on-going birthday celebration, this first of what seems like a two-night botanical extravaganza was a surprise to our guest. He’d never seen the flower before. “Exotic, and erotic,” he said of the plant when the bud was only just starting to open, about a half-inch at 7:45 p.m. By 10:15,  she was in full glory, wings outspread, intoxicating scent heavy in the very-warm night air. Mesmerized by her singular beauty, I wondered what it’d be like to stand in her native terrain, the Central American rain forest, surrounded by such plants, multiple blooms silently opening in that steamy night. In gratitude for Blanca’s long journey, the details of which we know not we sat transfixed.

By morning the first flower hung like an antique tassel, its long neck spiraled and swaying in a slight breeze. Three buds still in the very warm morning air looked eager to open. While we inspected them further, we noticed the tiny quarter-inch bud of yet another blossom pushing forward. The spent flower, those ready to open, and the neophyte all on one very fertile plant. We’ve already been awed, but there’s more to look forward to. Another baby bud appeared this morning on one of the cuttings I’d made prematurely. A second chance; forgiveness, perhaps, or rather, the relentless cycle of life pressing forward.


Posted July 9, 2010 by Canio's in about time

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