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We’ve gotten better at predicting when Blanca will bloom. But only slightly.  She teaches us, but we are slow learners. And each blooming is somewhat different.  When Blanca blooms depends on her own internal and external rhythms, on the weather, on astronomical effects. She’s always several paces ahead and knows all. We follow in her trail, measuring, recording, after the fact.  Who really knows when the next comet will blaze across the sky?

Last year we worried she might bloom while we were away on vacation. Should we reroute our trip? Last week she bloomed the night we had a bookshop event. Hosting that followed by a gathering around Blanca proved a bit tricky. But it came off. When that white Star enters our days is up to the Star, or to the force propelling that Star. She may come at an inconvenient time, or she may arrive at the most appropriate moment. At present we’re watching an inch-long bud on the mother plant, and another of about the same size, on the cuttings I made too early.Where will you be the next time Blanca blooms?

We’re on Blanca’s time now.


Posted July 14, 2010 by Canio's in about time

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